Monday, August 2, 2010

Pop Culture: Super Hero Movies

As someone who is a big into movies, I have noticed that more super hero movies than ever are being made. I think there are several reasons for this. First, for Hollywood, super hero movies have become a cash cow. And as long as movies are making money, they will be made. One of the reasons I believe they are making money, and my second reason for them being made period is this: my generation has come into it's own. We were the generation that grew up during the comic's boom. I still have so many of my old comics. I just found out they were safe on my last trip home. As a generation, we are in a position to make decision about what movies are going to succeed. And we do. We are also the ones in power at some of these studios. Don't believe me, look up Kevin Smith. Reason number three? Being a "geek" is becoming more acceptable. More and more mainstream media has made being a geek acceptable. And the more acceptable things of the geeky persuasion are, the more we will see them! This is not a bad thing, trust me. I also think the production quality of super hero movies is so much higher. Compare the Christopher Nolan version of Batman to the Batman movies of the late 80's and early 90's. They are completely on a different plain.

But reason four is the reason I am blogging. We are in an era where feeling safe is not something that is common. Mot of the world, including those of use in the US live in some type of fear. The world is not quite the safe place we all used to think it was. And because of that, we are looking for a hero (pretty sure there is an 80's song about this). And people are looking to the movies for this hero. I think it has become a comfort thing. The superhero's we are seeing are flawed, imperfect, and make mistakes. Jut like us. But they overcome those mistakes, and make the right decisions in the end. It shows us that we can recover from mistakes. And when we do things will be alright. And is that not what we all want, to know that when we make mistakes, and we all do, that things will end up ok? I see this as being a BIG reason people are now flocking to see these movies.

That is my two cents worth. Have something in popular culture you want me to blog about? Let me know!