Tuesday, May 24, 2011


- So I am realizing more and more just how much I love being involved in the world of band. It is partly the music, yes, but more than that, it is the KIDS! I love the interaction with them, and getting to help mold them for the future. Especially here at TC, it is like a huge family, and it is so much fun to be around everyone. I really love it here.

- Went to see Thor over the weekend. Really well put together movie. NOT what I expected, at all, and that is a good thing! I get very tired of cliched movies, even the super hero ones. This was well beyond that. Such great actors and acting, and KB brought it as a director! If this is the future of super hero movies, I am excited!

- The job hunt continues. Next!

- Waiting on my next letter from my pen pal. Hopefully it comes soon!

- Weight loss - I NEED MORE MOTIVATION! Any help would be appreciated!

That's all for now, peace and love!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A quick update on me....

- Still job hunting, imagine that! But I know this is going to be the year, I just know it is....
- I have a pen pal. Got a letter from them today. So excited. I have had so much fun writing to this person and learning more about them. Plus, it is nice to actually WRITE to someone. Getting the mail has become a fun thing once again thanks to this person, I may write some more on here about this at a latter date.
- Very disappointing to hear about the low turn out at the pools in Kentucky yesterday. Come on people, GET OUT AND VOTE!!!!!!!!!
- Weight loss and exercise seems to be going in the right direction. Got to keep pushing and working on it!

That is it for now, will write more soon! Peace to all!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Backstreet's Back....

Well, I am back! I plan on getting back to blogging and keeping this thing updated. Get ready for the return of the RANDOMNESS!!!!