Sunday, September 12, 2010

The start of Fall

College football is in full swing, and marching band kicked off in full swing last night. I love this time of year! Have not blogged in a while so I thought I needed to get the lead out and do some writing. Here I go with my random musings!

- As I said, marching band kicked off yesterday. The show we went too, well, was at best, poorly run. I have been to so many shows over the years, and I know what it takes to run a good contest. It is a shame that the people who were in charge seemed to be totally confused about how things were supposed to go. Regardless, the kids did a PHENOMENAL job in finals, and really distinguished themselves. So proud to work with them!

- I have been observing people more and more as I have been out and about. And it disturbs me just how rude and inconsiderate people have become. When did it become so much about ourselves, and not about others? We need to get back to the point where we put others first, and stop worrying about ourselves so much. Have some consideration folks.

- To all my female friends who are so concerned about me being single, please understand. I am not sure I want something serious right now. Dating is cool, honestly, dating is so much fun to me! And yes, it will happen when it happens, I know that. So if I gripe about being single or not having a date, I know what you are gonna say! Just let me vent a little. Sometimes that is all I really need.

- And that brings me to my next point. If, at anytime, someone says hi to you, whether on facebook, by text or in person, take the time to say hi back. That could be the difference for that person between a good day or a bad day. Just my 2 cents worth.

- Grad school is kicking my butt, what else can I say.

- Had a slight health scare last week, but all is okay. Really have to focus on eating healthy and exercise. Anyone have any recipes that are healthy they want to share?

- well, I am tired this Sunday afternoon. Great day at church, but very tired. Think it is time for a nap! Have a blessed day y'all!

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