Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Reflections on my visit home

So for the last two weeks, I have been in Madisonville. I was performing with the pit orchestra for the community theatre production of South Pacific. It was a Great show. The orchestra was full of top notch players, and I consider myself very very fortunate to have performed with them. I hope to return to the GMCA for another show like that very soon, it was true joy.

Now, since I was gone for two week, and did not blog, I have a TON of random thoughts to get out there! The blog will stay regularly updated, at least three times a week. Here we go!

- Chevy HHR. Know what the HHR means? Hick Hot Rod. Trust me on this one.

- Madisonville, as a city, seems to be crumbling from the inside out. That is just my take. I saw more empty, dilapidated buildings, overgrown houses. I was very sad to see my hometown this way. Too much of trying to build new things without fixing what is there first. And o not even get me started on the roads! HORRIBLE!

- I think I am giving up on finding a teaching job for the year. I am gonna do grad school here. Most likely doing a double master's in performance and conducting. I jut have to find a job here of some type o I can support myself. So, there is the job update! haha

- Have reconnected with some old friends that I had lost touch with over the years. It has been VERY good for me. There is one I have started talking to that has really made a big difference in my outlook on life. This person has really opened my eyes to some things. And has challenged me as well, challenged me to be a better person. I am very fortunate to have this person back in my life. Amazing how God works sometimes.

- For the first time since 1993 I am not teaching a band camp anywhere. It is VERY strange to me. I have always taught camp somewhere for someone. I guess I should take it for what it is. But I miss it, no lie. Hopefully it will lead to something bigger and better!

- Have done alot of reading lately, may start using one of my blog posts to review what books I have read. Could be interesting to see others thoughts.

Well, that is it for now. I had a ton of stuff on my mind at one point, but getting back to Cville and relaxing caused alot of it to go away! Hope you are all well, and STAY COOL!

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  1. HHR = Heritage High Roof. It is supposedly a tribute to the late 1940's Fleetline models, although it was just something to keep people from going "it's the Chevy PT Cruiser" (same designer after he left Chrysler). It takes a PT Cruiser nerd to know this too.