Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday and the random thoughts

Okay folks in my blogsphere. I am thinking of doing my blog 3-4 days a week, and each blog have a specific theme. I like that idea. I know I want one to be about pop culture in today's society. I already have a really good subject in mind for my next one. I think one should also be my random thoughts blog. I like writing it. I just need to write down all my thoughts! haha Any advice and input you have would be appreciated! Here we go!

- I have read many books already this summer. I have read all of Dan Brown's novels my first Clive Cussler/Dirk Pitt adventure, and started another book at home, but left it there. I know have three books my Max Lucado I am going to dig into. They are: Come Thirsty, Cure for the Common Life, and Fearless. Will let you know what I think of each one once I finish them.

- Campbellsville is a small place. Population of 10,000, about 2500 added when the University is in session. And we are about to open our 6th pizza place. Gattis, Papa Johns, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Snappy Tomato, and now.......Little Cesears. We also have three Mexican places, and three Chinese places. We have a single steak house, and a new place called Papa's, that apparently is going to be the local Cracker Barrel, just opened. Of course we have the requisite fast food places. But we need some VARIETY! Just my thought. I am excited about $5.00 hot and ready at LC. Cheep pizza fast!

- This is my favorite time of year. Why you may ask? Because I know my favorite season is coming. Fall is on it's way. I love fall, even wrote a poem about it several years ago. I should find that and try and get it published. But it is also my favorite for two activities that happen this time of year: football and marching band. I am stoked because C'ville now has lights at the field, which means NIGHT TIME COLLEGE FOOTBALL! That is a big deal to me. I am so excited to see the Tigers play under the lights!

- Women. You confuzzle me. I don't mean this as an insult, and it is not directed towards one person. But man alive you drive me crazy! I hate the confusion, but I love you for who you are. Just say what you want and stop beating around the bush! It makes my life MUCH easier! Thank you!

- If this last job lead falls through, I am starting hard at my masters. Not sure in what yet, but I am going to get at it. And find a job that will help me pay the bills. I am not asking for much here, businesses of C'ville, just a chance to work. Is that so bad?

- I still wonder if, when I was younger, I should not have just packed up and moved to Chicago. That city has more of a pull on me every day. I think I would really like it there. But what can you do?

- What song, from the world of popular music, always seems to put a smile on your face? I will reveal mine in a later blog.

Think that is all for today. Follow me on Twitter: @alcourington. I post some very random things on there!

Peace, love, and good food for you all!

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