Friday, July 1, 2011

A poem...maybe a song, who knows, we will see where it leads

I think it's time I disappear, to hide away with my fears
close the curtain, shut the door, you'll not see me anymore/
I try so hard, to the point of pain, causing my tear drops to fall down like rain/
Someday, I'll be back, stronger than before; till then I'll hide my pain in my core
all the time we spent together, all the moments shared

it turns out that in the end, only one of us really cared/

the pain that you left, feels like a rusty nail

it pierces my soul, turns my life into hell/

we laughed and cried, I gave it my all

you took your time, ensuring that I would fall/

when you had me in the palm of your hand

you left me alone, deserted in a dark land/

I guess I will never really know the truth,

Did you really love me, was there proof?/

someday I will recover and see the light,

till then, I will lead a dark life.

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